Enigma? – Clueless Detective Agency

Game date: 18/02/2017

Where: Doncaster


“You’re detectives in your office and a case has just landed on your desk. A murder! You only have 60 minutes to solve the murder and escape”

The theme of clueless was great, like walking into a real detectives office from an old American TV show, even the outside of the room was themed, and standing there in the corridor whilst the story was being told, with the corrugated glass panels in the wall and door, and the old fashioned lettering with the agency’s name on the door really added to the feel that you were walking into a real detective agency from the 1950’s. Inside the office was well decorated, the furniture really matched the era, and the puzzles completely fitted in with the theme.

Around the room there was evidence of other cases that had been solved, helping with the theme that this was a working office, whilst not interfering with the game. Without giving too much away, be sure to check out the crime scene photos on the wall in the office, they aren’t relevant to any of the puzzles so can be missed when rushing about, see if you can recognise where they were taken!

The music was mysterious and fitted well with the theme of the room, it didn’t get annoying and the speakers were well placed so you were never trying to concentrate on a puzzle with one right next to you.

The game:

The game was for 2-6 players, and we played it with 6. Afterwards I felt this was a few too many, and wished that we had gone in smaller groups, this wasn’t the rooms fault, there were plenty of puzzles and things to do, but I found that some of us had missed things due to the amount of people we had all doing different things. I found that there had been a few puzzles that some of the group hadn’t even seen, as they had been solved by others whilst they we working on something else, this was only the case for a few of the puzzles though, and it gave us more to discuss and tell each other about afterwards, rather than us all having had the exact same experience. I think 4 players may have been a better number for us, however saying that,  we may not have got out if this was the case!

The room had plenty of things to find and lots of puzzles, whilst it was pretty linear, there where things that could be started even though we didn’t have all the pieces yet, and so many places to look that there was always something for someone to be doing, there wasn’t a point where anyone was stood around waiting for something. Whilst there was an order in which the puzzles needed to be solved in order to move onto the next one, there were other things to be doing whilst this was happening and PLENTY of secrets to find. All the puzzles were logical and flowed very well, with good hints on what you should be doing left in the appropriate places, for you to find at the correct time. I really enjoyed this room, the puzzles were hard, some more than others, but not impossible, and they all fit in well with the theme.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Nick, the owner, was our host, he was lovely and made us feel welcome immediately. He explained the do’s and dont’s of the room, showed us the different types of locks used, and explained the clue system. Free lockers were provided for our stuff and he answered all our questions and waited until we were all ready to take us outside the room. Nick told us the story outside the room, and gave us a reminder of a few key points, and wished us good luck before locking us in. At no point did we feel rushed and he happily chatted to us for a while after we escaped.

The clue system used the TV which was in our room, it had our remaining time on it, and a symbol showing how many lifelines we had left. There was a doorbell next to the door we could press to use a lifeline, and a hint would be displayed at the bottom of the TV screen. The music got louder then quieter again when a hint appeared so we knew when to look.

Did we escape?

Yes! In 55:30 using two lifelines.

clueless border.jpg


Booking and prices:

We booked online but you can also book over the phone. Booking was simple on the website – you choose your room, then choose your time slot from the ones available, the room lasts an hour, but the time slots are an hour and a half to allow for briefing and a group photo at the end.


6 players- £72 (£12 per player)
5 players- £65 (£13 per player)
4 players- £60 (£15 per player)
3 players- £48 (£16 per player)
2 players- £40 (£20 per player)



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