Enigma? – Ward 13

Game date: 23/03/2017

Where: Doncaster


“You’ve been mistakenly put on Ward 13, you have only 60 minutes to escape before been trapped here forever. Ward 13 is otherwise known as The Morgue!!”

I really loved the theme of this room! The attention to detail was amazing, totally immersive and the room even smelt how it should, it had that sterile, medicinal smell you get in hospitals!  ‘The morgue’ was so well decorated, the props were great and a clear distinction between what was part of the game and what was decoration. The room wasnt scary as such, but was eerie and the music and dim lighting really added to this and helped to set the scene. The puzzles and clues fitted the theme well and all made sense within the room.

The game:

This is our last visit to Enigma rooms Doncaster, until the new room (The Heist) opens in spring. We loved our first room (Clueless) so much that we had to come back to play the rest.

The game was for 2-6 players, and we played it with 4. I think 4 was a good number for us in this room, but as ive said before, this is just our personal preference as we generally like to play as a smaller team so we all get to do/see every part of the room. The puzzles were fairly linear, they had a clear order to them, after solving one puzzle we would receive a clue pointing us to the next one, however it wasnt entirely a case of you must complete one puzzle before you can progress to the next part, and there were plenty of other things to do and look at while people were working on a puzzle, and the clues we found were not so obvious that we instantly knew what the next thing we should be doing was, which gave us something to discuss and had us all trying different things before deciding on the correct one. The room had some really good and original puzzles, with the way of exit from the room being the biggest surprise! There was never really a point where we were stood there wondering what we should be doing, and there were plenty of places to look and a few things to find.  There was also an electric notepad in the room, which was really helpful. A good mix of observation, logic and word puzzles, and a maths puzzle that turned out to be a lot easier than it looked, a team-mate got it really quickly, but maths isn’t really my strong point, and i tend to overcomplicate these kinds of puzzles, so i was surprised when he showed me how simple it actually was!

This room had been completely re-done last Halloween, 3 of our group had played the old version of the room (everyone but me!) not long after it opened, so I was interested to see what the differences would be, apparently it was a lot, there was practically nothing that was the same, and a few added surprises that hadn’t been there last time! So if anyone has played this room before halloween 2016, its worth playing again for a completly different experience.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Again, Nick was our host, we had met him a few times now and he was still happy to chat with us about the rooms afterwards! Again we had lockers for our stuff, he briefed us, then took us into the corridor for the back story, which really added to the atmosphere.

The same as when we played Hostage with Enigma rooms, the clue system consisted of a door bell on the back of the door, which we could press when we wanted to use one of our two lifelines, a clue/hint would then be displayed on the TV screen in the room, and  made a ping noise when our game host sent us a message. I like Enigmas clue system, as I generally prefer hints to be delivered this way or similar, and feel that actually speaking to someone, and especially someone entering the room, ruins the atmosphere a bit, although knowing that you will only have two clues adds a bit of pressure to the game.

Did we escape?

Yes! In 45:00 using 1 lifeline!

ward 13 border

Booking and prices:

You can book online or over the phone. Booking is simple on the website – you choose your room, then choose your time slot from the ones available, the room lasts an hour, with a group photo at the end. They ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your booking for the brief.


6 players – £72 (£12 per player)
5 players – £65 (£13 per player)
4 players – £60 (£15 per player)
3 players – £48 (£16 per player)
2 players – £40 (£20 per player)



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