Enigma? Voodoo

Game date: 07/04/2017

Where: Sheffield


“Legba is one of the principal and most revered in Haitian Voudoun. Although now transformed to the aspect of an old man, he is still the powerful Guardian of the Centerpost, and the “Opener of the Gates” to whom first salutation is due in any ceremony of communication with the Voodoo King”

I love the theme of this room! Even the reception area was themed to match. The desk was covered with bamboo, and the walls covered with tribal masks, lanterns and tarot cards. We were blindfolded and taken into the room, it seemed like a long walk and i completely lost track of where i was. The first thing I noticed was how cold it was, but once we got going it was really nice, the room stayed cool the entire time and it made the atmosphere in the room great. The theme of the room was really well done, the room had a lot of things in it, but not too much that it was cluttered or distracting. The room was clean, very well decorated and everything was in great condition, and i discovered that the coldness was due to the lovely real stone floor. The puzzles all fit really well with the theme and all were really fun to solve. The game started off very dark, and got lighter as we progressed, the lighting changing with the game and the music both added to the immersion.

The game:

After playing all the rooms at the Doncaster Enigma, we were excited to play the Sheffield room, and we were not disappointed. We played this room with 4 players (our regular group of 3 and a friend who was new to escape rooms), it wasnt the biggest room we have played, but they have used the space really well. It’s a great room for newbies, and smaller groups of experienced players. Voodoo was completely different to any room ive done before, it had ALOT of puzzles, some easy and some a bit more difficult, a mixture of observation, word logic and maths,and even a few crystal maze style ones in there, aswell as a few red herrings. The starting point was definitely a highlight of the game, and required good communication and teamwork. The flow of the room was amazing, it wasnt very linear, a lot of the puzzles could be done in any order, the room wasnt too difficult, and we completed it with minimal help, only getting stuck when we hadn’t searched properly and had mis-read something. This room had so much in it that there was something everyone did well at, making it really rewarding for all of us, and with the amount of puzzles and places to search, time went very quickly and we didn’t feel like we stopped once. I really loved this game, i loved the theme, the unique puzzles, and found myself wanting to play it again as soon as we got out.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Chris (the owner) was our game host, his brief was great and very in-depth, he talked us through everything, made us laugh and feel comfortable. He built up the suspense as he lead us into the room and even had orange juice waiting for us when we got out!

The clue system is similar to the Doncaster one, but we had to get our game hosts attention by waving at the camera if we wanted to use a lifeline, who would then send a clue to our TV screen.

Did we escape?

Yes! In 51:37 using one lifeline.


Booking and prices:

Same as the Doncaster Enigma, you can book online or over the phone.


6 players- £72 (£12 per player)
5 players- £65 (£13 per player)
4 players- £60 (£15 per player)
3 players- £48 (£16 per player)
2 players- £40 (£20 per player)



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