Escape-Doncaster. Da Vinci Room

Game date: 16/04/2017

Where: Doncaster


“Our Da Vinci Room will see you take on the role of thief, but for the greater good.
Dr John Albright has studied the workings of Da Vinci in great detail. He has amassed a considerable collection over the years, including what many believe to be the Holy Grail.
Having gained his trust by helping him “acquire” items over the years, you have access to areas of his home and knowledge of his security that no-one else does.
You’ve been paid well for your services over the years, but you’ve always felt that an item of the importance of the Holy Grail should be on display for everyone. The professor is away and now is your chance. Get in the room, grab the grail and get out. It should be easy!”

In this room, we had to steal the holy grail and escape the room in order to win, although I don’t remember if it was possible or not to get out the room without actually getting it. This room is set in an old study, and contained what you would expect from an old-fashioned office – typewriter, globe, desk etc. The room was quite big, and the furniture and ornaments fit well with the theme, however, like Area 51, the walls were painted all one colour, with a few framed pictures on them, i feel like more could have been done with them to add to the immersion. Overall the theme was OK, but the thing that really ruined the immersion for me was the huge windows that filled almost an entire side of the room, i understand that boarded up windows would have looked out-of-place in an office, but something could have been done with them, or at least curtains put up to hide the outside a bit, i really didn’t feel like i was i breaking into an office of the past by being able to see all the buildings of Doncaster town centre and the cars going past.

The game:

When we played this room, they had just changed the maximum players from 5 to 6, we played with 5, it was a good number for this room, we don’t normally like to play with any more than 4, but I think it did help with checking codes in all the identical locks in the room. The room wasn’t too difficult, and there wasn’t a point were we became frustrated not knowing what to do, and we finished the room a lot quicker than we expected. The puzzles were linear, and a mixture of word, observation and code-breaking. Whilst some of them were fun to solve, nothing really blew us away, and again like the previous room we have played here, we would figure out a code then have to try it in all the identical locks in the room, this took away a bit of the satisfaction of solving things, as after you figured the answer out, you then had to spend a while figuring out where you should put it, as there was no indication as to which lock it was for. One of the final puzzles in the room was a bit misleading, it involved collecting and putting something together that had numbers on, and we assumed that these numbers would make up the code based on which ones were indicated by what we had made, however it turned out that it just gave us a picture of something that was hidden inside a larger picture elsewhere, and when I asked our game host about it afterwards, he said it was so you know you have all the pieces, i pointed out you would know if you have all the pieces as there would be a gap in the puzzle if you hadn’t, and we didn’t know what the numbers went up to anyway so you could still be missing the highest number! Overall we enjoyed the room, again i feel that with a little bit more work the room could be great, and blacking out the huge windows – or at least adding curtains – would help massively with the immersion.

Host, briefing and clue system:

We had the same host as when we played Area 51 (I’m very bad at remembering names!) His brief was better this time but he still seemed a bit nervous, he explained everything to us then took us in the room, he then put on a video for us to watch which told us the back story, and left the room, our time didn’t start until the video had finished, but it was very hard to concentrate on it and not look round the room for clues and puzzles.

Clues again (in the form of words and pictures) were delivered to the TV screen in the room, and again we got clues for things that we were already doing, or before we had chance to figure something out for ourselves, (it ruins your ‘ah-ha’ moment a bit when you have just figured something out and before you can tell the rest of your group – it appears on the screen!) we were expecting it this time though, so we just avoided looking at the screen, although I think he may have heard us shouting “NO” at the screen when hints constantly popped up, as we stopped getting so many after that..

Did we escape?

Yes! In 37:22

da vinci1


Booking and prices:

You can book online or over the phone, the website is easy to book on, and we did it this way both times.


Since our last visit (just over a week ago!) Escape-Doncaster have changed their prices, and they now allow 6 players in their rooms, we had paid £66 for 3 of us to play just the week before, and two days after we played I went online to book the other room, and found the prices had changed quite a lot, a bit annoying and bad timing for us!


2 players – £35

3 players – £42

4 players – £48

5 players – £55

6 players – £60




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