Enigma? – Bank Job

Game date: 08/05/2017

Where: Sheffield


“After years of planning you and your crew have planned the perfect bank job. All you need to do now if pull it off!!” 

The theming was a little basic in parts, but what you would expect from a bank, and I found the game actually quite immersive despite this. The way of entrance was really clever and they made great use of what was already there in the building. I don’t want to give anything away, but it really added to the feel that you were breaking into the bank. There was also no music in the room which was unusual, and it seemed strangely quiet at times, but it didn’t really effect the game too much.

The game:

This is the second room at the Sheffield Enigma, which had been open around a month when we played it. We played it with 3 of us (our usual group) and had been warned it was very difficult so had been hoping to go with a few more people, but couldn’t get everyone together at the same time. We ended up doing a lot better than we thought, but the extra brainpower would have been nice.

The room flowed really well, and until the final stages of the room we didn’t hit any major blocks, only getting stuck briefly when we didn’t read something properly. The puzzles were fun to solve, and had that sense of achievement when we solved them. The game only got really difficult for us towards the end, with a complicated looking maths/conversion puzzle which threw us off, there was a lot of information that wasn’t actually part of this puzzle, but appeared to be, and we spent far too long on this one. We tend to prefer rooms where clues are delivered when we need them, as we often forget to ask or spend way too long on something without realising, which we did with this one. I got really frustrated at the puzzle, im very bad at maths puzzles (ones involving sums and large numbers to be specific) and really don’t like them, but the rest of the group were busy doing other things, and I wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out unsuccessfully. We often get told we didn’t ask for a clue soon enough, or didn’t ask for enough clues ( I think we only had clues for two puzzles in this one) in games which we have to self clue, as just like I did on this puzzle, we get wrapped up in solving it and forget to ask.

The game had a few aspects to it, we had to steal the gold to win, but there was also the optional objective of collecting money bags, there were various codes hidden within the game, each giving access to one of these, so if you had time at the end there was still a little something to do, or you could do it as you went along if you were feeling confident. We had said before going in that we would leave them to the end to make sure we had enough time, but found ourselves finding codes during our searches and automatically putting them in. Due to either our lack of self-control when seeing a code and a padlock, or our fear of forgetting where we had got the codes from, we ended up collecting all but one of the money bags before we had even got the gold.

The puzzles overall were a good mix of word, observation and math puzzles, with a few practical type puzzles too. There was a bit of searching to be done, aswell as a few red herrings, and quite a bit of information that wasn’t relevant to the game. The game was a lot of fun (minus the one puzzle we got frustrated over) with the start of the game definitely being a highlight for us, and a decent mixture of padlocks and tech in the room.

I wouldn’t recommend this room for newbies, Enigmas other room (voodoo) would be a better choice for new players, however if it is your first room and you fancy a challenge, I would go in a group of 6. For experienced players I would still recommend at least 4.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Chris was our game host again, this time we had a walkie-talkie for clues, and we could ask our ‘getaway driver’ for help if we needed it. There was still a TV screen in the room, but the way it was laid out, we couldn’t actually see it for a while and even though we didn’t need any help during that part, the walkie talkies made things much easier to communicate throughout the whole game.

Did we escape?

We finished the game and got the gold, but were a few minutes over the 60 minutes when we got out.


Booking and prices:

Same as Enigma Doncaster, you can book online or over the phone, they have the same website with a different booking page for each site.


6 players- £72 (£12 per player)
5 players- £65 (£13 per player)
4 players- £60 (£15 per player)
3 players- £48 (£16 per player)
2 players- £40 (£20 per player)



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