Look Key Escape – Alice in Wonderland 

Game date: 14/05/2017

Where: Leeds


“Curiouser and curiouser. You awake to find yourself trapped in Wonderland once again with the Queen of Hearts after your head. With your friends scared into hiding you need to uncover the clues to find them and then plan your escape before the Red Queen and her guards arrive.”

 WOW! This has to be one of the best themed rooms I’ve played so far, and ‘wow’ is exactly what our entire group said in unison as we walked into the room. The theming was lovely, the room was so pretty and really felt like you were in Wonderland. They had thought of absolutely everything and included every little detail possible. There was a lot of beautiful props and decorations in this room, but it wasnt cluttered or distracting, and practically everything in the room played a part in the game. The puzzles were right on theme, and could have been straight out of wonderland, everything you would expect to find down the rabbit hole was in this room, but used to make creative puzzles unlike anything we have ever seen. Like Murder Motel, you could really see how much time, effort and thought had been put into this room, and everything just fit together amazingly to create a perfect game. I LOVE Alice in Wonderland, and really wanted this room to be great, and it did not let me down!

The game:

The game is for 2-6 players, we played it with 4. Just like the previous room, there was a such a variety of puzzles in this room, that there was something each person in our group did really well at. Something I really liked about this game, was that you could actually see quite a few of the puzzles you would have to solve, but we knew that we would need to find more clues or parts in order to solve them. It added to the excitement, being able to see a few of the really fun puzzles and waiting until the time came to solve them. All the puzzles in the room were so much fun! They fit in so perfectly with the theme and we loved solving every one of them.

The room flowed really well, we flew through the room and never really hit any road blocks, we didn’t need a single clue while we were in there. Almost all the puzzles in this room were new to us, and it was so refreshing to play two rooms in a row with such unique puzzles, each really satisfying to solve, and really felt magical. There was only a little searching to be done, and the puzzles were a great mixture of hands-on, logic, math, observation and code-breaking. Everything was so well done, the room looked amazing and we just didn’t want the game to end.

This room would be great for newbies, as there is a little bit of everything in here, I would recommend 4-5 players for newbies, and 2-4 for experienced players so you can play a part in solving every puzzle.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Kieran and Lucy (the owners) were our hosts, and Kieran did our brief and back story, his story telling was great, and he really set the scene for us. They were both really friendly and happy to chat to us before and after both the rooms. Clues were delivered to a TV screen in the room, but we didn’t need any clues in this room, although im sure that if we had, they would have come exactly when we needed them.

Did we escape?

Yes! In 41:59 with no clues, and we got on the leaderboard!


Booking and prices:

You can book online up to 24 hours in advance, and for last-minute bookings you can call them for availability. The booking system is really easy to use, and lets you add both rooms to the same booking if you intend on playing both (which we did!)


6 players- £78 (£13 per player)
5 players- £70 (£14 per player)
4 players- £60 (£15 per player)
3 players- £51 (£17 per player)
2 players- £40 (£20 per player)



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