Escape Hull – Taken

Game date: 31/05/2017

Where: Hull


“Tricked by a notorious serial killer your team will have to rescue the hostages and escape from the killer’s grasp. Do you have what it takes to stop the killer and get out?

The decoration in the room was really good, unlike the rooms we played at Escape-Doncaster, there was a lot of stuff on the walls, and not just a few posters, and a lot of this actually played a part in the game. There was a lot of furniture in the room, all in keeping with the theme, giving us plenty of places to look, and the puzzles all fit into the theme and gave us a little bit more of the story as we progressed through the game.

The game:

This room was for 2-5 players, and this was our first ever game as a team of 2. My boyfriend and I had been talking about playing with just the two of us for quite a while now, we have always played with the same 3, and we have 6 others who join us for the odd game depending on who can make it at the time. But it was becoming increasingly harder to organise as many games as we would like, so we finally decided to start playing a few on our own. We had been a bit hesitant, as we thought we would struggle with only the two of us, but it turned out we did just fine, it took us a bit longer to complete the room, and this impacted on our escape time a bit, but we weren’t really bothered about this, and it felt like we got to do a lot more in the room, and I loved that we got to experience every puzzle ourselves.

There was a lot to do in this room. a lot of puzzles and a lot of stuff to open, and there were a few points in the game where I didn’t think we would get it all done. The room was a little linear, but some things could be done in any order, and the flow was really good. Due to not being completely linear, it meant that if we got a bit stuck on something, we would come back to it and figure out something else first. There was actually one puzzle we spotted straight away, but we didn’t figure out the answer until alot later on, and I liked the fact that we could just come back to it later.

The puzzles were a great mix, this room had a little bit of everything, observation, word puzzles, code-breaking, logic, practical and number puzzles. There was some searching to be done, but not huge amounts, and we loved how much variety this room had. We flew through the room, there was so much to do that we were always kept busy, and we found we didn’t need a lot of help. One puzzle mid way through did trip us up though, we thought we had to remove something from inside something else, however it was (intentionally) tricky to do, and after trying it a few times we started thinking that we were doing the wrong thing, and I was worried we were actually breaking a prop, so we left it alone for a while – until we were given a hint to say we should actually be doing that. The puzzles were great fun, and were very satisfying to solve, some of them we were familiar with, but they were done in original ways so they were still interesting, and there were a lot of things that we hadn’t seen done before.

There was only one puzzle I didn’t like too much (towards the very end of the game) and that was only because it made me very nervous solving it – it was actually really clever – but without saying too much, it was a very different take on a maze puzzle, and to me solving it felt like I was playing one of those ‘beat the buzzer’ games, the puzzle itself wasnt anything like that, but that’s the best way I can describe the anxious feeling it gave me solving it, and several times I felt like I may completely mess up our game.

Overall, the room was a lot of fun, the puzzles just kept on coming, and I didn’t think it would actually end! This would be a good room for newbies, as it has such a wide variety of puzzles, although if it is your first room, completing them all within the hour may be a challenge! That being said, none of the puzzles were overly difficult and they all made perfect sense, we always knew what we had to do, even if we couldn’t figure out the actual solution straight away! For experienced players I would recommend a team of 2 or 3, and for newbies 4-5 due to the amount there is to do in the room.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Mike was our game host, he talked us through everything then took us into the room for the back story, he was friendly and seemed genuinely happy to be there. Clues were delivered to a TV screen in our room,  and he ran our game really well, giving us a nudge in the right direction only when we really needed it. We didn’t need a huge amount of clues in this room, but when we did they came at exactly the right moment, giving us enough time to try to figure things out on our own, and not too long that we became frustrated. He chatted to us for ages after the game (or at least put up with me going on about escape rooms!) and gave us enough time before our next room to have a bit of a break.


Did we escape?

Yes! In 51:10!



Booking and prices:

You can book online, and there is a phone number on the website so you may be able to book over the phone. I like the booking system they use, as it lets you add multiple rooms to the same booking, making things a lot easier and quicker if you are making several bookings.


Two players – £48 (£24pp)

Three players – £57 (£19pp)

Four players – £64 (£16pp)

Five players – £70 (£14pp)




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