Enigma? The Heist (Test game)

Game date: 25/05/2017

Where: Doncaster


“You’re a team of cat burglars with your eye’s on the world-famous Enigma Diamond. Will you escape with the diamond, escape with just your freedom or be caught in the act and do hard time?”

After playing all the Enigma rooms in both Doncaster and Sheffield, I was excited to hear that there was a new one coming to Doncaster, and we just had to play it, and we were lucky enough to be one of the testers!

So you might have noticed that the game date is a bit out-of-order here, as we played this room as a test game and I wanted to wait until the room was officially open before posting this review. As this was a test game, we were aware that the room wasn’t quite finished yet, and there would be a few finishing touches that would be added before it opened, although when we played, the room was already done to a high standard so I would love to see how it looks when its done! Because of this, obviously i wont be mentioning if there’s a bit of wall that’s not been painted yet. Minus the finishing touches, and making sure everything works, this will hopefully be the final version of this game and all the puzzles are already in there.

The decoration in the room was really good, you could see a lot of work had been put into it, and it was almost as though someone had actually taken a small piece of a museum and put it in this building. Everything was finished to a high standard, and it had actual display cabinets with ‘artifacts’ on display. The puzzles were right on theme, and most of the props and decorations in the room were incorporated into them. The room was well-lit, and the music fitted well with the story. Due to the theme choice, there wasnt really much of a story to discover as we progressed through the room, but we did learn a few things about the exhibits that were on display!

The game:

Like the rest of Enigmas rooms, the game is for 2-6 players. We played this one with 4 and it actually ended up being the same 4 of us that played Ward 13 here a few months ago. Parts of the room were quite difficult and im glad that we didn’t go with less. 4 was a good number for us in this room, and we all contributed to the group in some way.

In keeping with the theme of this room, we found there were very little places to search, as it’s a museum, and there wasnt really any furniture in the room, it was mainly display cabinets and pillars containing artifacts. This room was very different to the other rooms, and different to any room I have played so far. It was all automated, there wasnt a single padlock in sight. Each time we solved a puzzles, it would trigger something, or something would unlock, and we would discover a new secret. The room was really well done, as on first glance it looked like there wasnt much in the room its self, however as we progressed we discovered more and more that had been previously hidden, and it turned out that a lot of the things we needed had been right in front of us, we just didn’t know how to use them yet. To say that there was so much tech in the room, it all ran smoothly and everything flowed really well.

The room was quite difficult, and involved quite a bit of reading, some of the puzzles were a little tricky, and a mixture of math, logic, a lot of observation, and a few hands-on type puzzles. The first puzzle was quite a difficult one to start with, and we spent far too long on this one, (around 20 minutes!) we had actually figured out what we needed to do pretty quickly, but had been over thinking the order in which to do it, and this part of the puzzle turned out to be easier than we were making it.

Once we had got figured out the first puzzle, we were on our way and flew through the next lot of puzzles. We were doing great until we hit one of the last puzzles of the game, it was really tricky, and we spent quite a while trying to crack it. We knew what we had to do, but actually doing this was quite complicated and took us a while to get it right, this was a pretty big puzzle, and brought loads of different aspects of the room into play. After we had solved this, we were onto the final stretch of the room, and everything that happened in the next few minutes was definitely a highlight of the game for us. Right at the end, the diamond appeared from nowhere, and we grabbed it and made our escape!

Despite being difficult, the puzzles were really satisfying to solve, and usually caused something unexpected to happen, which made solving each one very rewarding. This room was so much fun to play, and all the tech was amazing! After playing so many rooms full of padlocks, it was a nice change, and I loved all the surprises!

I wouldn’t recommend playing this room as your first room, but if you do I would take a full team of 6. Experienced players may still be better off with a team of 4 or 5 as some of the puzzles are quite tricky.

Host, briefing and clue system:

The same as when we played the other rooms at Enigma Doncaster, the clue system consisted of a door bell on the back of the door, which we could press when we wanted to use one of our lifelines, (this game is more difficult than the others, so we had 3 lifelines instead of the usual 2) a clue/hint would then be displayed on the TV screen in the room, and made a ping noise when our game host sent us a message. I like Enigmas clue system as it means you don’t get unwanted clues, but it does add a bit more pressure knowing you only have a limited amount of clues, so you have to be careful with them and make sure you really are out of ideas before using one. We also had an extra brief, to explain that lack of padlocks in the room, and to be careful if we see any lasers, yes… Lasers! That’s all im saying!

As always, Nick was great, ran our game very well, and chatted to us for ages about the room afterwards, he had put so much work into this room, and seemed genuinely excited about the room, and interested to hear what we thought.

Did we escape?

Yes! We stole the diamond and made it out, im not sure of our exact time as we got so wrapped up in talking about the room I for got to check, but we didn’t have more than a few minutes – or maybe even seconds – left!




Booking and prices:

You can book online or over the phone. Booking is simple on the website – you choose your room, then choose your time slot from the ones available, the room lasts an hour, but the time slots are an hour and a half to allow for briefing and a group photo at the end.


6 players- £72 (£12 per player)
5 players- £65 (£13 per player)
4 players- £60 (£15 per player)
3 players- £48 (£16 per player)
2 players- £40 (£20 per player)




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