Escape Reality – Down The Rabbit Hole

Game date: 03/06/2017

Where: Leeds


“You and your friends were enjoying yourselves at a party when, suddenly you found yourselves transported into another world. Whether it was the drink, the food or some bizarre phenomenon that caused this rapid change of fate doesn’t matter now as you are all in danger. This dimension does not work as you would expect, in fact things can go quite topsy-turvy very quickly if you are not careful. You may not realise at first but there is an evil twist to the game. Have your wits about you, this room will try its best to tease and taunt you. Your team’s challenge is to escape sane and unscarred, whilst finding your way around this peculiar place.”

This was our second game at Escape Reality, and after seeing the first room, I was expecting something equally impressive. Again, I wasnt disappointed, theming was great, all the props were very well made, and looked liked they could have actually come straight from wonderland, the walls were painted with Alice style artwork, and one aspect i really loved about this room where the things scattered on the floor, in one area the room was filled with various game pieces and it was great fun digging through them all. The game started off very pretty, but the further in we got, the more weird and disturbing it got, and we knew we were pretty deep into the game when we walked into a room full of severed limbs. This game was huge, it just kept going and going, every time we thought we were nearly out, we found that we had more to do! After a while I started to think that it was never going to end. The puzzles all fit really well into the wonderland theme and all related to the back story in some way.


The game:

The game is for 2-6 players, again we played with 2. We really could have done with a few more people on this one, as the game got progressively harder as we went through it.

We entered the game through a tiny room consisting of a single puzzle, a puzzle that was quite obscure and the logical answer to it turned out to be incorrect, we spent far to long on this one, but we were determined not to ask for help on the first puzzle again. In the end we did, and after the puzzle had been explained to us, we still didn’t think we would have figured it out.

After this we got going, and the room flowed really well from this point, for a little while anyway. The room was very linear, and we solved the next few puzzles easily. I enjoyed this section of the game, we had entered an area where things were not as they seemed, and it really got our brains working solving them.

This large chunk of the game had some really fun puzzles that we just loved solving, but after getting past this we began to struggle, the puzzles got a lot harder and made less sense, and when we got to a beautiful, huge wooden centerpiece that played a part in a puzzle, we really slowed down, the clues to the puzzle gave us multiple out comes, but only a few of these were correct, so we have solved it in the order they appeared, when this didn’t work we had to ask for a clue, and it turned out we just had to try all the different variations. The puzzle following that made no sense to us, and even when explained to us after the game, I was still left thinking ‘ why would we have done that?’ especially when the solution appeared to be something else. They had also used colours in this puzzle, but it wasnt clear enough what some of the colours were – red and orange for example, looked the same. Things got a lot easier after this, and we only got tripped up again at the end of the game, when we were required to do a tiny bit of searching. There had been nothing to look for in this game or the last one we had played, and we just had to move a few props out of the way, but because of the lack of searching, once I came across something we could use I assumed that was all we needed so stopped looking.

Overall the game had some really fun puzzles, even if one or two were a little frustrating, and we had a lot of fun playing it, the feeling of getting deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole was reflected brilliantly in the props and decoration, and this room was just huge! The puzzles were a mix of observation, math, word and logic puzzles and there was just so much to do. One thing that slowed us down and interrupted the flow of the room, was the long walk back to the starting point to press the hint button, then walking all the way back with our host, we probably lost at least 5 minutes doing this, not a huge amount but in a small group this could be the difference between getting out or not. Obviously this got further and further away and became a much longer walk as we progressed, it was so far away, we couldn’t actually hear each other even when shouting.

I wouldn’t recommend this room for new players as there is so much to do and some of the puzzles are a little difficult, I would play one of Escape Reality’s easier rooms first, but if you do play it, i would take a full team of 6. Experienced players would still be better off with a team of 3 or 4.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Like the previous room we played here, you get an iPad with your timer on it, and you can also use it to scan QR codes next to the puzzles and get a hint, but doing this has a time penalty which is added on to your final escape time. It also shows you how many puzzles will be in the game. We didn’t use the iPad in this room either, (again down to not wanting the time penalty) so I’m not sure what kind of hints it gives you or how in-depth they are. When you get out you have to use the iPad to scan an exit code, which then records your time, this was probably the most stressful part of the game, and a very anxious couple of seconds while you tried to line up the iPad, so make sure you have the iPad in your hands when you leave or you will find yourself running back for it!

If, like us, you don’t like the idea of receiving a time penalty, there is also a switch in the room that you can press, and your host will enter the room and give you a clue. You can do this as many times as you want with no penalties.

Prateek was our host again, he was always there straight away when we needed a clue and again he was friendly and happy to chat with us about the room afterwards.

Did we escape?

Kind of.. we were right at the end of the game and had figured out the last puzzle, but thanks to me not looking round enough we missed where we were supposed to put the answer, and we ran out of time walking back to the start of the game to ask for a clue, but we got to finish the game anyway as we were so close.

Down the rabbit hole

Booking and prices:

We booked online, you can book several different rooms or time slots at once, just make sure you click on the right location as they are all on the same website!


2 Players – £44 (£22.00 each)
3 Players – £60 (£20.00 each)
4 Players – £72 (£18.00 each)
5 Players – £85 (£17.00 each)
6 Players – £96 (£16.00 each)

Escape Reality have a 20% discount code on their website, use ESCAPEREALITY20 when booking, it may not be around for long though!


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