Escape-Hull Sherlock/221B Baker Street

Game date: 08/06/2017

Where: Hull


“Having been enlisted by Moriarty, your task is to break into 221B Baker Street, defeat Sherlock’s failsafes and retrieve an item of historic importance. Hurry though, Sherlock and Dr Watson are hot on your tail!”

Theres not a huge amount I can say on the theme, decoration was good, it was basically Sherlock’s living room, this section was done well, and the decor fit with the era in which it was set, however the later parts of the game were a bit bare and more could have been done with these, but this didn’t really have an impact on the game as it was only a small part of it. There was an extra objective to this room, we had to steal Sherlock’s hat, but we actually managed to open the door before doing this, and had to go back for it. By the end of the game, we had pretty much forgotten about the hat, whilst the actual game was fun, the hat didn’t really interest us, and I feel like the item of historic importance could have been something more interesting.

The game:

One game down, 3 to go, Sherlock was our second room here today, we played with 2, which like the rest of the rooms we have played here, was the perfect number for us. We had two objectives in this room, to escape, and to find and steal an item belonging to sherlock. Like a lot of the rooms we have played with both Escape-Hull and Doncaster, the starting puzzle was right in front of us, but it was also a place we never think to look, as we always assume its decoration. Once we figured this out, we got going a lot quicker, the room wasnt too difficult, and flowed well, it even had a few audio puzzles which was a nice change as we don’t often come across these.. The puzzles were logical and fun to solve, and we got most of them pretty well, although we did waste some time trying to figure out a number of long riddles we had collected throughout the game, however it turned out that we didn’t actually need to do this. We also came across one puzzle that was identical to one in the Da Vinci room at Escape-Doncaster, but luckily this was the only one, and nothing of major importance. The puzzles were mainly on theme, and contained a mix of number, observation, logic and code-breaking, and a we had to do a little bit of searching. None of the puzzles were hugely memorable, but they were fun, well thought out and satisfying to solve, and we enjoyed this room alot.

This would be a good room for new players, and I would recommend a team of 4, while experienced players should be fine as a two.

Host, briefing and clue system:

The same as our last game, Mike was our game host, and again he ran our game very well, we didn’t need a huge amount of clues in this room, but when we did, they were delivered at the perfect time. Like the previous rooms, clues were delivered to the TV screen in the room, and again Mike was happy to chat with us after the game.

Did we escape?

Yes! In 47:14 



Booking and prices:

You can book online, and there is a phone number on the website so you may be able to book over the phone. I like the booking system they use, as it lets you add multiple rooms to the same booking.


Two players – £48 (£24pp)

Three players – £57 (£19pp)

Four players – £64 (£16pp)

Five players – £70 (£14pp)


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