Escape-Hull Casino

Game date: 08/06/2017

Where: Hull


“As if escaping the casino wasn’t challenging enough the room is filled with additional puzzles that hold rewards. Should you stay or should you go? You won’t get rich without taking the risk…”

There wasn’t a huge amount of back story to this room, it’s a pretty simple concept, your goal is to break into a casino to steal as many chips as possible, then get out before your time is up. This room had been done really well, and it looked almost just like a real casino, with a bar, roulette wheel, poker table, fruit machines and various other games, every one of these had been incorporated into the game in some way. A lot of effort had been put into making this look like a real casino, and it was one of the more immersive rooms we have played at Escape-Hull. Every single puzzle was casino related in some way, and you actually had to play some of the games to solve the puzzles which added a whole other level to the immersion.

The game:

This would be our last game at Escape-Hull (unless they decide to open any more rooms) and again, like all the others, we played it with two. This was our fourth escape room today, and we were getting a little tired, and we struggled a bit to get going in this room.

Casino is different to the other rooms here, and you can potentially have the full hour in the room. The goal was to break into the vault in the casino, and steal as many chips you could, then escape before the hour was up. Your escape time was counted as when you managed to get into the vault, and in there was the door to get out the room, which you could leave through at any time, depending on how brave you were feeling. We decided to figure out how to get the key with 5 minutes remaining, but didn’t leave the room until the last 10 seconds. Before you got into the vault, there were a number of puzzles with small key safes spread throughout the room, solving one of these puzzles would open the key safe, and give you a key to a locker inside the vault (there were also a few of these keys hidden within the room) A bit of advise if you play this room, try to leave these puzzles until you have got into the vault! We were solving them from the start, and it really increased the time it took us to get into the vault (which they have a leaderboard for) Once in the vault you can start solving the remaining puzzles, and collecting the keys to open the lockers and collect the chips.

The flow in the room good, if not a little strange, as the puzzles to access the vault were linear, but the additional puzzles to access the lockers werent, some of them did need to be solved before others, as some of the lockers held different items needed to solve some of them, but a lot of the extra puzzles could be accessed from the start. We had ended up getting quite a few locker keys before we had entered the vault. I did like this as it meant that if you got stuck on one of the main puzzles, you had something else to do, or if you play as a larger group, it gives everyone something to do whilst people are working on the main ones, but it also distracts from what you should be doing, I think we could have easily got into the vault within 20-30 minutes if we hadn’t been distracted solving other things. The puzzles were a good mix, observation, math/number, logic and a small amount of practical, with a little bit of searching to be done, there wasnt a huge amount to find, but the things that we did find were very cleverly hidden, and could be easily missed even after several searches. This room was a lot of fun, there were a few unique puzzles in here, including the fruit machine one which was really clever, and something we hadnt seen done.

We managed to open almost all of the lockers, the remaining ones were due to missing something very simple when rushing about, another I had actually solved the puzzle but not gone back to put the code in, and the final one was virtually impossible, when our host showed us the puzzle afterwards, he told us that no groups had ever solved this one, and he didn’t understand himself how you worked it out. The puzzle was something that anyone is very very unlikely to ever get, and you also don’t get any clues on how to solve this, and considering no one has ever done it, it looks a lot like it was only put there to stop people getting the maximum amount of chips from the game.

I did really like that even though we got into the vault after 38 minutes, we still got the full hour inside the room and there was still a lot of other things to do, I just wished afterwards that we had focused on getting to the vault and come back to solve the other puzzles later, rather than solving them as we went along. We definitely got our moneys worth in this room!

I would recommend 4-6 for new players, it would be a good first room, as there is virtually no chance of not getting out, and there is plenty to do in here and considering no one has yet managed to solve one puzzle in there, you wont run out of things to do, it also means you can get a lot more chips, leave a few people to work on the linear aspect of the room, whilst the rest of the group searches and solves the extra puzzles. For experienced players I would still recommend 2-3.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Alex was our host, we had met him previously at Escape-Doncaster when we played the two rooms there, and I had mentioned that he seemed very nervous, and sent far too many clues (to the point that we were ignoring them) However he was great for this game, we only had a few clues, and they came when we really needed them. He wasnt at all nervous and chatted to us after the game.

Like the previous rooms, clues were delivered to the TV screen in the room, although once we got into the vault, we found a walkie-talkie and clues were then delivered via that. I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my previous reviews, but Escape-Hulls clue system can send actual images to the screen aswell as text, which makes things a lot easier, it also means that they can point you in the right direction, without actually giving away what you need to do.

Did we escape?

Yes! In 38:56 with 140 chips (As I mentioned before, your escape time that is recorded is the time it takes you to break into the vault)



Booking and prices:

You can book online, and there is a phone number on the website so you may be able to book over the phone. I like the booking system they use, as it lets you add multiple rooms to the same booking.


Two players – £48 (£24pp)

Three players – £57 (£19pp)

Four players – £64 (£16pp)

Five players – £70 (£14pp)


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