Escape-Hull EMCU Trials

Game date: 08/06/2017

Where: Hull


“The Escape Mysterious Crimes Unit are recruiting and they need you. Having worked through your training you now only have the test to complete. A simple sit down multiple choice test should be easy. Surely that isn’t all that is involved!”

I was really excited about playing this room, the story sounded very much like the film ‘the exam’ which I used to love, so I was quite pleased when some of the layout of the room turned out to be similar.

This room was well decorated, I don’t think there’s a huge amount you can do with an exam room theme, but it was clean, well-lit and had everything you would expect in there. Whilst not the immersive room ever, it worked well and there was plenty of space. It started off as a sort of spy school with a number of tech and gadgets, and progressed to the exam area which had single desks like the kind in American classrooms, each with our tests on them, and a larger desk at the front for the examiner.

The game:

As with all the games we have played here so far, we played this one as a two. I’m very glad we did, I think if we had a larger number of us, we would have completed the game far too quickly. I really enjoyed playing this game, again, it wasn’t the most immersive room, and I’m not sure what could have been done to improve this, as the decoration and puzzles were both done well. The slight lack of immersion wasn’t an issue and it didn’t affect our enjoyment of the game at all, I was just something I was aware of throughout the game.

One reason I liked this game so much, is that I got all the puzzles in it really well, and I felt a little bad for my partner, as I got a lot of the puzzles pretty quickly, before he had chance to try to figure them out himself. The flow of the room was amazing, while linear in parts, a lot of it wasnt and there was quite a large amount that could be done in any order. We flew through the room, and we never spent too long on anything to become frustrated, we didn’t need many clues, and once we got going we just solved puzzle after puzzle, this room really just played to my strengths and was great fun.

We weren’t as quick to start off with, the puzzles involving the gadgets took us a little longer, and we also came across our first ever morse code puzzle, which took us a while to get exactly right,  but towards the latter parts of the game we really sped up. Halfway through the game, the style of puzzles completely changed, which really gave the impression we were progressing into a different section of the test. I felt really good in this room, its nice to find a room now and again where you just get everything, it gives you a great feeling of satisfaction when solving things. The puzzles themselves involved code-breaking, number, logic, a small amount of physical and a lot of observation, they were all on theme and fit into the story, and there was a fair bit of searching to be done, but not always for physical objects. We didn’t really get stuck on anything, until we reached the final puzzle, and here we had actually figured out what to do, but hadn’t found the correct order to do it yet, and we probably spent more time on this one and the morse code puzzle combined than the rest of the entire room, despite this it was something original and we enjoyed solving it  All the puzzles were perfectly logical, and were fun and satisfying to solve. This would be a good room for new players, as it has a good variety of puzzles, and I would recommend 4 players, and two for experienced players.

Host, briefing and clue system:

The same as our other games here, Mike was our game host, and again he ran our game very well, we didn’t need much help at all in this room, but im sure if we had needed clues, they would have come just when we needed them. Like the previous rooms, clues were delivered to the TV screen in the room, and again Mike was happy to chat with us after the game.

Did we escape?

Yes! In 49:21 



Booking and prices:

You can book online, and there is a phone number on the website so you may be able to book over the phone. I like the booking system they use, as it lets you add multiple rooms to the same booking.


Two players – £48 (£24pp)

Three players – £57 (£19pp)

Four players – £64 (£16pp)

Five players – £70 (£14pp)


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