Escape Reality – Apocalypse


Game date: 13/06/2017

Where: Leeds


“A series of cannibalistic homicides has begun to occur in the city of Dreadwood. Police have failed int heir attempts to investigate and prevent these horrific crimes and had to turn to a team in their Special Forces department known as “Alpha Team”. They were commissioned to unearth the cause of this madness and restore public safety. However, the Alpha Team have disappeared with no traces of their whereabouts. A second team has been sent on a rescue mission to find them. You and your team are known as the “Goblins”. The last time Alpha Team gave report, they mentioned something about an old factory and a bio?weapon. You have to follow their tracks into this factory and uncover the truth!”

Seeing as most of Escape Reality’s games have been based around films or TV shows, we were secretly hoping that this one would be based a little on resident evil, and it turned out it was! Paul had even unintentionally worn a resident evil t-shirt which he was very pleased about. The theming in this room wasnt as good in places as some of the other games we have played here, whilst some parts of the game were done really well, other parts were a little bare, but it did make up for this in other places, and the bare walls turned out to be concealing some hidden surprises, and the room contained a few pretty realistic props!


The game:

Having played most of the games at Escape Reality, we had been avoiding this game, partly due to the horror theme, and partly as we had been told the game was maths-heavy, which is not our strong point. As it turned out, we had nothing to worry about, it was nowhere near as scary as I had been expecting, and whilst it did have a fair bit of maths in it, there was nothing overly complicated and we had no problem solving the puzzles. We actually completed this room in a much quicker time than all the others here! Not our favourite room here (Iron Kingdom is still winning that one!) but a really fun room to play, we loved that it was resident evil, and it had a few video game aspects that we loved solving, a maths based zombie survival/combat puzzle had to be one of our favorites!

Whilst most of the games we have played at Escape Reality were fairly linear, we found that a lot of the puzzles in this room could be done at the same time, I quite enjoyed this, and it was a nice change from the other rooms, playing as a two it meant we could each do a puzzle at the same time. There were two possible starting puzzles, so we split up and each started solving our own puzzle, seeing who could do it quickest! Further on in the game, we actually ended up at opposite ends of the game solving different puzzles at the same time. This definitely contributed to our quicker than normal escape time. The room wasnt overly difficult, and we didn’t need a huge amount of help in this one, we seemed to get the puzzles really well, and really enjoyed solving them, we came across some we hadn’t seen before, and even the ones we had seen were done in unique ways with something to make them a bit different. As I mentioned, the puzzles themselves involved a lot of maths based puzzles, but most were simple addition and subtraction, finding patterns and counting things, rather than anything complicated like I had expected, there were a few logic and observation puzzles thrown in too. Considering I hate maths, they did a really good job of making numbers fun!

For experienced players, I would recommend 2 players, and for new players i would recommend around 4, as some of the puzzles could be a bit tricky if you’re not familiar with them.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Like the other rooms we played here, you get an iPad with your timer on it, and you can also use it to scan QR codes next to the puzzles and get a hint, but doing this has a time penalty which is added on to your final escape time. It also shows you how many puzzles will be in the game.  6 games in and we still haven’t used the iPad, preferring to stick to the penalty free hint system of having our host come into the room.  If you haven’t read my previous reviews about Escape Reality, when you escape you have to use the iPad to scan an exit code, which then records your time, and I still think this is most stressful part of the game, and a very anxious couple of seconds while you try to line up the iPad, so make sure you have the iPad in your hands when you leave or you will find yourself running back for it!

Callum was our host (for the fourth time!) and again, he was great, really friendly and helpful, made us feel welcome, and was always straight into the room when we needed a hint, he was waiting for us outside when we escaped, and chatted to us for ages about the rooms after our game (he must be getting sick of seeing us by now though!)

Did we escape?

Yes! In 40:52!




Booking and prices:

We booked online, you can book several different rooms or time slots at once, just make sure you click on the right location as they are all on the same website!


2 Players – £44 (£22.00 each)
3 Players – £60 (£20.00 each)
4 Players – £72 (£18.00 each)
5 Players – £85 (£17.00 each)
6 Players – £96 (£16.00 each)


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