Locked In Games – American Die-ner

Where: Leeds


“The clock is ticking and you can’t afford to waste a moment. Shirley’s Diner is usually known for its strong coffee, relaxing atmosphere and no-nonsense waitresses. But today something threatens to disturb the calm of this all-American diner forever. Lurking inside the kitchen is a deadly bomb and you are the only ones who can diffuse it in time. Who could want to destroy Shirley’s and why? Could it be Brad, the chef who left the diner under a cloud last month? Or could this be the handiwork of a very dissatisfied customer? Will you manage to save Shirley’s in time?”

The theming in the room was great, I loved the decoration in this room, everything you would expect from an American diner. The diner area consisted of typical metal tables and red chairs, menus on all the tables and a counter complete with cakes, tip jar, sauces, special boards among other things, the floor was covered in checkered tiles and the kitchen area sported weighing scales, microwave and even a fridge and oven. The decor was immaculately done, and really felt like you were inside an actual working diner. One of my favorite parts had to be the custom-made menus they had laid out on each table. A really pretty room and we had lots of fun running round looking for the hidden items! (I do feel i should mention that the picture at the top of the page is not the actual room, and just what they use on their website)

The game:

Our first game at Locked in, I was pretty excited for this one as i hadn’t played a diner escape room yet. We played this as a two, although you can have between 2 and 6 players. There was no music in this room, but sound effects which played now and again, of tills opening, orders being taken and other diner themed noises, whilst they did fit in with the theme of the room, there was one noise in particular that was very loud and scared us half to death every time it played!

Before the game, we got to choose our roles, Paul opted for the chef, leaving me to be the waitress, so we put our costumes on and were taken into our corresponding sections of the diner. Good communication is essential for the first part of this game, and I was thankful there were only two of us, as a larger number may have actually made it more difficult (obviously this depends on the people in the group). If you play this room, have a good look around, there are some things which are in places you may not think to look and can be easily missed!

Every puzzle in this room was diner related in some way,  a lot of the actual things in the diner (food, menus, condiments) were incorporated into the puzzles, and we found ourselves carrying out actual tasks which we may have done working in a real diner. There is a bit of searching to be done in this room, not a huge amount, but alot of things are well hidden, although thankfully we managed to find them all. The room didn’t really have any practical elements as such, but the puzzles were interesting, and a mixture of math, observation, logic, word, and at one point, a fun little audio puzzle we hadn’t seen before.  We didnt need much help in this room, we did get stuck a little at the start, but this was down to us not communicating well enough at the start of the game, and once we started to do this, the game flowed really well.

Experienced players I would recommend a team of 2 or 3, and for new players around 4, some of the puzzles may be a little tricky for new players, so if your confident in your ability to work as a team, you would be fine with a full team of 6.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Huma was our game host, she was lovely and ran our game really well, and was more than happy to chat with us about the games after. She went through everything with us, made us feel welcome and excited to get into the room.

Clues are delivered to the TV screen in the room. The rooms have mic’s so we could always ask for help if we needed it. We didn’t need a massive amount of help in this room, but we were provided with a helpful nudge now and again exactly when we needed it.

Did we escape?

Yes! In 55:19

Diner locked In



2 Players – £40
3 Players – £45
4 Players – £56
5 Players – £65
6 Players – £78



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