Locked In Games – Nursary Nightmares

Where: Leeds


“For most people, their home is a place of safety and refuge. But what if the one place you should feel safe becomes your prison? For the Beechworths, their large Victorian house was a source of both pleasure and pride. But one fateful night, every one of their servants vanish without a trace, the doors and windows are locked tight and the family are trapped inside. No one knows for sure exactly what happened to the Beechworths in the hours that followed but by morning, only one member of the family had survived. Follow in the footsteps of nine-year-old Anna-Mae and see if, like her, you can escape before it is too late. ”
The story was good, a creepy old fashioned kids bedroom, complete with cot, dolls house and kids toys. Some of the props and furniture were quite worn, and whilst this did fit with the old fashioned theme, it also made the room look a little run down and uncared for, and after just playing the diner which was immaculate, you could really tell. Again there was no music, just sound effects coming from the TV, making us jump now and again when an unexpected sound played.

The game:

The same as the previous room here, we played this one with two people, and could really have done with a few extra pairs of hands! This game is VERY search heavy, even after a very thorough search, we could think of nowhere we hadn’t looked in, under, behind or on, it turned out we had still missed a few items! One issue we had with this was we were never sure when we had found everything for certain puzzles, it was clear we were collecting things for a number of different puzzles, but not knowing when we had them all meant us trying things over and over, not knowing if we had just missed some things in our search, or if the items were for later in the game.
As with the Diner, the puzzles were all right on theme. Every one was in some way related to a kids room, whether it be nursery rhymes, stories, toys or playing actual kids games. One thing I don’t like much in escape rooms is when random puzzles are thrown in just for the sake of it, it’s great that you can make complicated puzzles that look fancy, but why is there an iPad in this Egyptian tomb? why am I driving a remote control car on a pirate ship? Puzzles that don’t fit the time period of the room often spoil the immersion, and leave you asking the question, why would I have done that? But the games here so far have had nothing that was out of place in their rooms. The puzzles themselves weren’t too difficult, but we were held back a few times by having missed a well hidden item that we needed. There was a mixture of observation, word and logic puzzles, and what could very loosely be described as practical puzzles, but the game was heavily reliant on your searching skills – if you didn’t find everything, you couldn’t properly complete a lot of the puzzles. While we did manage to find most of the items, our host helped us out finding the last few things we had missed, I can imagine this being very difficult if you are new to escape rooms and are not familiar with the places you should search – it would take a while to explain all the hiding places over messages if you had missed a lot, although the mic’s in the room must help the hosts with this immensely.
Overall, a good room if you enjoy running around trying to find things, if you hate searching, this is not the room for you! I cant really say if having more players would help or not in this room, if you can communicate well then it would be a bonus, but if not you may find it slows you down more, with a large group, theres always a chance of missing things due to someone saying “yeah I’ve checked here”, then that area wont get re-checked as everyone else assumes it has been checked thoroughly enough the first time. I’m not sure this would be a good first room just down to the amount of searching, but if your feeling confident I would take 4 or 5 players. Experienced players I would still say 2-4, we were looking for things almost the entire game, and made it out with only 5 seconds left!

Host, briefing and clue system:

Huma was our game host, she was lovely and ran our game really well, and was more than happy to chat with us about the games after. She went through everything with us, made us feel welcome and excited to get into the room.

Clues are delivered to the TV screen in the room. The rooms have mic’s so we could always ask for help if we needed it. Luckily Huma was on hand to help us find the items we had missed, or we may never have made it out! She gave us a good amount of time to do our own searches, before helping us out finding the few things that remained, never leaving us long enough to get frustrated.

Did we escape?

Yes! (Just!) In 59:55


2 Players – £40
3 Players – £45
4 Players – £56
5 Players – £65
6 Players – £78



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