Locked In Games – Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Where: Leeds


“Step through the wardrobe into the bleak, eternal winter of Narnia. The White Witch is determined not to let anyone get in the way of her quest for power, least of all a family of human children. She has set a deadly trap for Lucy, Peter, Edmund and Susan and without your help, they have little hope of escaping from her evil clutches. Can you work out how to free the Pevensie children from the dark dungeon in the White Witch’s icy castle? Or will they perish before taking their rightful place at the thrones of Cair Paravel?”

The theming in the room was lovely, a very pretty room and a really nice place to spend an hour. This would be a great room to play as a family and people of all ages will appreciate it. ‘Narnia’ was very well decorated, and a lot of attention to detail had been put in, there’s just so much in this room and they have really worked hard to ensure every last inch of the room fit the theme. Every puzzle and prop was well maintained and fit in seamlessly with the story.

The Game:

We started off the game in a smaller room containinga few puzzles, and spent far too long in this section of the game, which really impacted us in the later half of the game – we really could have used all the time we had wasted – there wasn’t a huge amount to do in here, but one of the puzzles happened to be something we are not too great at, and we managed to overthink it quite a bit, and it turned out we could have got this done much quicker. Be very careful in this first section, as their isn’t really a way to receive clues, and no TV screen so you have no idea how long you have been in there for until you make it to the next part. I imagine that this section is intended to be completed quite quickly, and i’m assuming that we spent a lot longer than normal in here). It won’t come as a surprise (and i wont be spoiling anything by saying this) that to get to ‘Narnia’, we had to go through a wardrobe, I loved the way that this had been done, as we had to do something very specific to do this, but I’ll leave that part as a surprise.

As pretty as the room was, we really didn’t ‘get’ this room. It was hard work for us to actually complete it, and we needed a fair bit of help. The puzzles themselves weren’t too difficult, but knowing what we should be doing when was an issue for us throughout the game. The one thing I didn’t like about this room, is that almost straight away we had a huge number of things to work with, and everytime we managed to solve a puzzle and open up a lock, we ended up with more things, we never knew when we had all the pieces of something, and there was never much of indication of what we should be doing at what point. The game didn’t flow great for us, we were constantly having to be told what things we needed at that point in time, which is what we needed the help with – once we had picked out the things we were supposed to be on, we had no problems actually working the puzzles out, but everytime we solved a puzzle we would receive a new stack of things which weren’t all relevant at the time. There were a few things which we had got very early on in the game, but couldn’t actually use until the very end. We were collecting things which were parts of puzzles, and everytime we got a new item, we had to go back through all the stuff we had found and see if we could use it yet. I imagine that this would be ok if you were in a larger group, but for two of us it was very time consuming and really interrupted the flow of the room. We ended up with so much stuff all laid out all over the floor at the end of the game that you could hardly see it.

That being said, the puzzles themselves were fun to solve, once we had been told what we should be using, and a good mixture of word, math, observation, logic and practical (ish). I feel that the game would have flowed much better if a lot of the items were received in a better order, as this was a pretty linear game, there was no reason to have so many things right from the start other than to confuse you and throw you off.

The game was a little stressful at times, and we often felt we were just sifting through things, but the actual puzzles themselves were clever, and like all the rooms here, broought so many aspects of the room into play, every puzzle was right on theme, nothing out of place and we absolutely loved the final puzzle (one of the few things that we did know when we had all the pieces) and a few of the other puzzles stuck with us. A lot had been done in really clever ways, incorporating actual objects in the room into each puzzle, the theming and the puzzles were so well done, it was just a shame that the room didn’t flow as well as it could. It could just be that this really wasn’t our style of room, but i feel a few tiny changes to the order of things and the room would have flowed really well for us, but don’t take my word for it, everybody is different and will enjoy different types of games. Experienced players would be ok in this room, with anywhere between 2 and 4 players, depending on how confident you are with this sort of game, a few extra pairs of hands would have really helped us in here, new players i would take at least 4, 5 if possible, due to the amount of things actually in here.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Huma was our game host, she was lovely and ran our game really well, and was more than happy to chat with us about the games after. She went through everything with us, made us feel welcome and excited to get into the room.

Clues are delivered to the TV screen in the room. The rooms have mic’s so we could always ask for help if we needed it. Huma was a huge help in this room, and I’m pretty sure we would never have made it out if it wasn’t for her help, hinting at what we needed to be doing at certain points in the game.

Did we escape?:

Yes! In 58:14!


2 Players – £40

3 Players – £45

4 Players – £56

5 Players – £65

6 Players – £78



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