The Escapologist – World of Wizardry

So first of all…I haven’t posted any reviews for a while, so sorry to anyone whose games I have played and are waiting for the reviews. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I have a few on going medical conditions which have been a lot worse this last month and have been swapped around on my medication, along with that I’ve also been ill, so I’ve just been back and forwards to the doctors, and in bed a lot of the time. I’m a lot better now so I’m focusing on getting caught up on my reviews!

Where: Selby

“Have you ever wanted to experience walking through a Platform as they do in The Film Harry Potter? Are you a Muggle or as powerful as Dumbledore? Well now is your opportunity to see what Magical traits you have. From simple spells such as Aberto (pronounced as Uh-bare-toe) with a flick of the wand. Testing out your knowledge and magical skills trying to complete the room…With wands in hands, potions poised and spells spoken; find ways to crack codes and decipher puzzles within 60 minutes and pass the final test of the school year. Will you be a graduate of the World of Wizardry? ” 

The Escapologist is a little different to most of  the escape rooms we have been to, on the ground floor is a gorgeous steampunk themed bar/restaurant – which just looks amazing – filled with super comfy and unusual seating, it would be a lovely place just to sit and have a drink even if you weren’t planning on playing the escape rooms. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to have anything to eat – the food looked lovely – but hopefully we will next time we go.

The actual escape rooms are upstairs, somehow this is the first wizard room we have played (although we do have a few planned now) so we weren’t entirely sure what to expect, but we were prepared for a lot of ‘Harry Potter’ type puzzles.

Starting off at the train station, we needed to find our way to the school of wizardry and track down our missing wand. The room itself – like the rest of the building – was clean and well decorated. Everything fit well into the theme and all the little details had been thought of, imagine a classroom at a school of wizardry and this exactly what you’ve got here.


We played as a two, however most of the game wasnt linear so there is plenty for everyone to do whether you have 2 or 6 people in your group. Having played mostly linear games for the last few months, it was a nice change, although it did throw us a little to start off with when we were opening locks and not pulling out another puzzle, but once we clicked on that there were multiple things we could be doing, we had another look round and began spotting tons of things we had originally missed.

The flow of the game was a little strange for us, as none of the puzzles followed on from each other, we found ourselves stopping quite a few times, to wander round wondering what we were supposed to do next, this could just be down to the amount of mostly linear games we have played.

The puzzles themselves were a good mix, word, logic, observation and code-breaking, and a mixture of difficulty levels, and all of them magic related in some way. Some were simple and easy to solve, but relied on you actually spotting it….this part being a little more difficult. Other puzzles were more complex and a little harder, but right in front of you so you couldn’t miss them. One puzzle in the game didn’t really make sense to us, and when explained to us afterwards we still didn’t quite understand the logic, we could see what we were supposed to do, and we had solved the puzzle, but we couldnt understand how we had managed to get to that conclusion, as the clues seemed to be pointing us to do something slightly different.  The last puzzle was a nice, fitting way to end the game.

Overall, most of the puzzles were fun to solve, and apart from not knowing what to do next, we never really got stuck too long on anything (excluding the one mentioned above). If your only into linear games, then this might not be the room for you, but its a family friendly room and suitable for new players with a little help – maybe 5 or players -(there is definitely plenty to do at once) but challenging enough that experienced players will still enjoy it , for those who have played quite a few rooms, I would say you would do fine with 2 or 3 players.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Clues were sent to our TV screen in the room, they were all written in a sort of spell/poem style, so all the clues were 4 lines of rhymes, which I loved as it felt less like someone was talking to you from a control room than the usual ‘you need to look under the rug’

Nicola ran our game really well and we received clues exactly when we needed them so we were never stuck on the same thing for too long, all the staff we spoke to were helpful, friendly and happy to chat to us, and you could see they really care about the rooms and their customers.

Did we escape?:

Yes! In just under 53 minutes!


Peak – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Off Peak – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

  • 2 players – off peak- £40.00            peak- £48.00 
  • 3 players – off peak- £54.00            peak- £60.00
  • 4 players – off peak- £58.00            peak- £72.00 
  • 5 players – off peak- £60.00            peak- £80.00 
  • 6 players off peak- £66.00             peak- £84.00


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