Stuck In The Riddle – Murder Mystery

Where: Huddersfield

There’s been a murder! Whilst attending Lord Farringdon’s annual dinner his Lordship leaves the room for a short time and suddenly there is a loud gunshot! You were the last to see him alive so suspicion quickly turns to you. The quick thinking Colonel jumps to conclusions and bumbles you into Lord Farringdon’s study and locks the door behind you while the police are called.

You know you’re not the murderer, but you need to find out who is, where he was killed, and with which murder weapon so you can tell the police when they arrive to arrest you in an hour.

You have 60 minutes to find out who the real killer is, and the murder weapon they used, before the police arrive and take you away!!

A late 1930’s study, very well decorated with most of the furniture and the decor matching the era, and a lot of the puzzles were in line with the theme. The story in this game was very involved, and as we progressed we found out more and more things to help us identify the killer.

The game is for 2-8 players, and we played it as a 2, and whilst I’m glad we did as it meant we got to see all the puzzles, there were a few times that we felt an extra pair of hands would have been a big help. There is quite a lot to do in this room, while it isn’t overally difficult, there is a lot to get through which small groups of new players might find a little daunting. If your pretty new to escape rooms, I would take at least 4 or 5 players, if you have played a lot of rooms you should do fine with 2 or 3.

From the start the room flowed really well, the story continued throughout the game, as we investigated the study we found more information to help us figure out who the killer was. Think of being inside a game of cludeo, that’s what this game is, in order to escape, you need to find the killer, the murder weapon and the room in which the murder was committed. This aspect of the room is what set it apart from the other ‘murder mystery’ games we have played, you actually had to collect clues and figure out who did it to escape, rather than just being told at the end who the killer was, or the last clue just having the answer on it. It made it a lot more immersive being involved in the game and being part of the story.

While most of the puzzles fitted with the theme and the era, there were a few that stuck out, one being a digital LCD display, which looked really out of place in this old fashioned room, and a few other puzzles didn’t really fit in with the game or the story, and we found ourselves questioning the relevance of them and why we would be doing this. There was quite a lot of number locks to start off with, and with there only being two of us, the trying every code in every lock to became a little time consuming, added to this was the fact that we seemed to have lost the ability to read numbers correctly, and found ourselves a few times having read a number wrong that I myself had written down.

The room was a good difficulty level for us, we felt like we had got loads done, and nothing was too difficult that we were stuck on it too long. One puzzle that really stuck out for us was something that we have never seen done before, i wont ruin it, so all i’ll say is this was our first smell puzzle and we were impressed!

Overall, we really enjoyed this room, it has a wide variety of puzzles and a strong story which tied everything together nicely.

Host, briefing and clue system:

Jake (I think? Sorry I’m really bad with names!) was waiting to greet us when we arrived, he was super friendly and chatted to us before and after the game, clues were delivered to a TV screen, and he ran our game really well, giving us a nudge in the right direction when we needed it.

Did we escape? 

Yes! In 53.09



2 players – £34 (£17 each)
3 players – £48 (£16 each)
4 players – £60 (£15 each)
5 players – £70 (£14 each)
6 players – £78 (£13 each)
7 players – £84 (£12 each)

8 players – £96 (£12 each)

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