Escape Sheffield ~ Espionage


So I actually wrote this a while ago but couldn’t find the escape picture, so I’ll update this with our time when I find it, (I know we got out but not sure of our time, it was probably in the last 10 minutes though!)


Where?: Sheffield

‘It’s a conspiracy!

The hood comes off and you find yourself in a journalists office with no exit, who put you here and why?

Unravel the secrets of the room and escape.

This mission is for a maximum of 3 operatives’

I was quite excited when i heard that ‘Escape’ were opening in Sheffield, but it turned out that there was only one room we hadn’t already played at a different location, so we booked for espionage later that week. I don’t really have a huge amount to say about the theme, it was a very small office containing a desk, some items which I assume belonged to the journalist who’s office we were in, and various newspaper clippings on the wall. There isn’t a huge amount of wow factor that can be achieved in an office, but they had used the small space well. There was a little bit of a surprise for us later in the game though, which was one of my favourite parts of this game, but its better to keep it a surprise.

The game is for 2-3 players, which led us to think that the room would be pretty easy due to the maximum amount of players, however it turned out it was just down to the size of the room. The room wasn’t tiny, and would fit 3 comfortably, but any more would be in each other’s way. The game starts off in a journalists office, with us trying to figure out why we had been left there. It took us a few minutes to get started, after a quick sweep of the room we had found quite a few items that were clearly puzzles, but it was obvious that we didn’t have everything we needed to solve any of them yet. So after a slow start as we struggled to find a starting point, we got through the next lot of puzzles pretty quickly without any help, until around 20 minutes in when we hit what we thought was the final puzzle, which first appeared to be a rather tricky one, but was actually much easier once we got started, and far from being the last puzzle of the game, it actually led us into a completely different section of the game.

Twice during the game we thought we had escaped this room, only to be presented with more tasks to complete, and finally towards the end of the game the tone really changed, as we started to uncover some of the secrets hidden behind the story of this room.

Did we escape?


Host, briefing and clue system:

Clues were delivered to our TV screen, our host (sorry I’m terrible at names) was great and gave us a little push in the right direction only when we really needed it.


Adults – £20

Under 16s – £15


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