Beverley Breakout – The Main Event

“You are inside the training room of local Hull and Yorkshire Olympic Boxer Luke ‘Coolhand’ Campbell. It’s an hour before ‘Lukes’ title match and you are his training team. You have 60 mins before you have to be ringside with his gloves. Unfortunately his opponent has hidden his gloves somewhere in the room. Can you perform the training/exercises needed to lead to his gloves and escape before ‘Luke’s’ match is void and your opponent takes the title.”

Boxing is something I have no interest in whatsoever, I’ve always found it really boring, but the theme was something a little different so we decided to give it a go. Obviously you don’t need to be a fan of boxing at all to play the room, but I wanted to mention it as initially I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy the game if the boxing element was really in your face the whole time (it wasn’t at all). It did had several nice little touches that would be appreciated a lot more by those who follow the sport, a few of these were totally lost on me, and it also meant that I didn’t realise that Luke Campbell was actually a real boxer until my boyfriend pointed it out.

The room itself was themed well and had everything you would expect from a training room. The game its self was non linear in parts, but we did our usual trick of not splitting up to solve puzzles when this happened, making things more difficult for ourselves. The puzzles were a good mix of math, logic, word, observation, and my favourite were the physical puzzles that fit in so well with the theme. There wasn’t a huge amount of searching to be done, but the things we did need to find were well hidden and we managed to miss a lot of them. I’ve gotten pretty good at thoroughly checking places but apparently I didn’t feel like it in this game and we had to have a few clues telling us to check for things we had missed.

The website says this room has a 55% escape rate, however we found it quite difficult and struggled a bit in places. Some puzzles we got quite quickly and others we seemed to take a long time to get to an answer. We definitely held ourselves up by missing things that we should have found easily, and it didn’t help that my brain just refused to work in this room and I still have no idea why (I was fine in the one we did right after). I could see bits of things that were clearly puzzles but I was struggling to concentrate on anything and actually put things together, Paul ended up doing a lot of the work while I was just getting frustrated at myself for not clicking onto things. We also tend to have a harder time with non linear games, so I think a mixture of it being a harder game anyway, and me being a bit useless just made it far more difficult for us than it should have been.

We didn’t actually complete the game in time, but as we were so close to the end we were asked if we wanted to finish it, which we did. Not finishing the game on time meant that we actually got to see the two different endings, both of which wrapped up the game nicely and was a nice little touch, especially for boxing fans.

One of the owners, Fran, ran our game really well and her clues were always spot on, not too vague so that they didn’t made sense but just enough to give us a nudge in the right direction. Clues were delivered to the tv screen in the room and they also had mic’s in the room so they could hear us. We had a good chat about escape rooms before and after the game, we always love hearing about owners escape room journeys and swapping recommendations.

Overall this was a fun game and we enjoyed it, even if we did make it more difficult than it needed to be, but I would still recommend at least 4 players for those new to escape rooms, and most enthusiasts should be able to complete it as a two, but more players wouldn’t be a problem. I also really like the heads up on the website that the game contains puzzles that involve colour, and that they have an option to change the physical puzzle if needed.


  • 2 Players: £46
  • 3 Players: £57
  • 4 Players: £64
  • 5 Players £70
  • 6 Players: £78


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