Headlock Escape Rooms – Online Avatar

We are pretty new to online escape rooms, I avoided playing them for a while because I didn’t think I would enjoy them, I thought directing an avatar around a room would be really awkward and it would never be anything like playing them in person. After playing a few of these now, I can confidently say I was wrong.

Headlock escape rooms are a company who have designed games which are portable, to be taken around the country to homes and businesses, obviously that’s not possible at the minute so they have taken the games online. Here’s a short review of each of their games, the Christmas themed game is no longer available, but I wanted to give it a mention in case it gets brought back later in the year as it was a lot if fun.

Headlock escape rooms were recommended to us a few times, and we opted to take on ‘The Mystic Ruins’ first. My mum and stepdad joined us from their house on the zoom call. We were greeted by our host, who was immediately in character and explained the story to us.

You and your team of archaeologists are exploring an ancient city when you stumble upon a room that has been locked away for thousands of years. The further you explore, the more mysterious the room becomes. Your goal is to find the ancient artefact before the ruins crumble in on themselves.”

This was the first full escape room we had played online, so we were a bit nervous to start with, after spending a few minutes in silence wondering how to go about the tasks, one of us took charge and gave some instructions to our avatar. Once we got into the game it was much easier than we expected to direct our avatar around the room, and we soon forgot that we were playing the game over a zoom call. The game itself had some great puzzles, the room flowed really well and was very immersive, we actually had no idea that this game was designed to be a pop-up game until after we finished playing, and to say that this game can be relocated there was an impressive amount of tech and props in the game.

“Every year, Santa practices his “chimney falling technique”. Last night, he ate too many mince pies and it threw him off balance, making him hit his head inside the fireplace.  So now, Santa cannot remember where he has hidden the naughty or nice list for this year!  Mrs. Claus decided to hire the top rated festive detectives in all the world to help him find it (that’s you)! Complete the puzzles and Christmas Challenges to find the naughty or nice list (and to see if you made the cut this year).”

The Christmas game was a great family room, the puzzles were well thought out and fun to solve, all being Christmas themed. The game also had some great personal touches which were both a nice surprise and really helped with the immersion. Once again our host was great and played the role brilliantly. They even managed to get in some elements which we all had to take part in, which can be hard to pull off online. And we got to see their dog at the end which is always a bonus!

“A mad wizard named Nebo has combined science with magic. The results of his experiments have leaked into the world causing havoc. Six curses Nebo made but only 3 he unleashed. It is up to you to find the 3 spells to suppress the curses. However, these are only temporary and you must find the ultimate potion hidden by the mad Nebo to expel the curses forever.”

We played this room with one of our escape room friends (over zoom) and we found it the most challenging of the three. Once again there was a good amount of tech in this game, which was impressive to say its a pop-up. The puzzles were all fun to solve and flowed really well, although we did hold ourselves up a few time in this one, we still managed to complete it. I’ve said it twice already, but our host was brilliant and really brought another level of immersion to the game.

We loved all three of these, however I would recommend playing mystic ruins first if you are new to escape rooms, and definitely check out the Christmas game if you get the opportunity. Headlock have two more games on the way: The Inconvenient Burglar and the Office thief and we can’t wait to play them!

Price: £35 for up to 6 players

Website: www.headlockescaperooms.co.uk